Rally Calls for SC Governor Sanford to Resign over Affair

Mark Sanford

By Albert N. Milliron, Editor Politisite.com

Columbia, SC – (IMNS) – A group of about 50 people gathered at the South Carolina State House calling for Governor Mark Sanford to be Impeached or Resign. At first glance Main Stream Media trucks from all over South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia were gearing up for a major event.  But that Major rally would never occur. The turn out was lower then anticipated.  A quick sweep of the crowd appeared that there were as many Media then protesters.

The Columbia weather called for scattered showers and appeared that it could impede the protest but cleared up just in time for the rally that lasted Just over an Hour.

The stage was lined with 17 people holding signs and chanting the old stand by, “Hey Hey Ho Ho Mark Sanford’s has Gotta Go”

Posters Signs read, “Don’t quote the Bible if you won’t live by it!”, “Take a Real Hike”, and “No Call, No Show, No Job”

Phil Noble, President of the South Carolina New Democrats said, “Whats important here is a fundamental and basic principle of Democracy, there has to be a basic level of trust between the elected official and the people who elected him. When that bond is broken,  for whatever reason , the official needs to step down. Mark Sanford willfully, deliberately, conscientiously, and repeatedly violated that trust therefore  he should resign.”

Lori Wind,  an accountant from Charleston,  Looked at the Sanford issue though dollars and cents. She related that while Sanford was in Argentina living it up on tax dollars,  there were South Carolinians unemployed, on furlough, and struggling. She Related that This is the highest form of Hypocrisy.

There were a few Mark Sanford supporters watching from a far or holding signs, page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

John Perna His affair has nothing to do with his Job performance. He is an Excellent Governor and a protector of Liberty.  Been through a tremendous amount of overtime with the stimulus issue. He needed a break. Whatever he has done is between him and his Wife Jenny. When asked about Monica Lewinsky, He said that Clinton had sex with a subordinate but He didn’t think Pres Clinton should have been impeached over Lewinsky, He thought that Clinton should have been impeached for selling Nuclear Military Technology to the communist Chinese among other things.

One protester who has been attending rallies of late is an African American Man dressed in KKK Garb with various signs.  Today’s rally had a sign asking when African-Americans will be finally made full citizens

One group, Mission to America, actually traveled all the way from San Diego, California. The Mission Leader provided the most Charismatic portion of the rally encouraging political leaders to return to ethics, credibility, and faithfulness in politics. The group traveled with their dogs in tow. This writer was convinced that dogs were Republican and Cats Democrat. While the Dogs made no comments nor carried any signs they seemed to support their speaker.

The Rally was called a totally  Grassroots effort by Marilyn Hemingway of Seneca, S.C. called “Impeach Mark Sanford” on the social Networking Site Facebook. The group has grown to about 6,000 members but only 65 estimated that they would attending the rally today.  While others were touting Ms. Hemingway as a lone housewife who started this group out of concern for the people of South Carolina. Politisite has learned that Hemingway is a seasoned Democratic Operative who recently ran for South Carolina Democrat Party 1st Vice Chair

Mark Sanford’s spokesman sent out an email that stated the Governor would not be stepping down, saying the governor has a great deal of work to do for the State. Work that included rebuilding the trust of the people.

Last Month Governor Sanford admitted to a national audience that he had an affair with Maria Belen Chapur while in Argentina.


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