What the Ten Commandments would look like once it passed Through a Congressional Committee

Today my brother asked the question “I wonder what it would be like if Moses had to run the Ten Commandments through congress first. I came up with the following…..

By Kathryn Milliron, Staff writer Iron Mill News

10commandments1. You shall have no other gods before Obama
2. Do not worship false idols, for we are a jealous Congress.
3. You shall not take any liberal name in vain (but conservatives are fair game!)
4. Remember tax day and keep it holy. You shall work 7 days a week because you’ll need the extra money to cover the taxes we are adding to your income.
5.Honor your Senators and Representatives that you may live long on the earth (after all, we control your life)….
6. You shall not kill….any bill that we, the democrats want to get passed.
7. You shall commit adultery, whenever you feel like it (why not, we do)
8. You shall not steal……that’s our job.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, if they are liberal. Go ahead if they are conservatives.
10. You won’t need to covet anything that belongs to your neighbor because once we’re done, everyone will have exactly the same things.

I hope you enjoyed this, but I also hope that it made you think!


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