McConnell Appoints Taxpayers Association President to TRAC Commission


August 5, 2009 – Columbia, SC – South Carolina Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell announced today the appointment of Don Weaver to the South Carolina Tax Realignment Commission (TRAC). Weaver is the President of the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers a position he has held since 1998. He is also a realtor with RE/MAX Advantage Group and the Founder and CEO of Prime Financial Services.

Don Weaver has worked for over ten years on issues regarding the tax laws in our state through his work with the Association of Taxpayers and has seen the impact of those laws on people and businesses in his professional life. Mr. Weaver worked diligently on efforts to reform our state’s property taxes and to lessen the burden of state and local taxes on our citizens.

“Don will be an independent voice on the Commission who will bring his long proven fiscal conservatism and common sense to the discussion of reforming our tax laws. He will be the voice of the homeowner who has long shouldered the heaviest burden in our current tax system. I am sure he will make sure that homeowners are not sacrificial lambs to the special interests and status quo in Columbia,” Senator McConnell said in making the appointment.

McConnell concluded “Don will be someone who, like he has done for over a decade, makes sure that this Commission looks out for the Taxpayers and not the Tax Collectors.”

via McConnell Appoints Taxpayers Association President to TRAC Commission – Inbox – Yahoo! Mail.


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