SC Henry McMaster to announce Bid for Governor

S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster is expected to announce he will seek the Republican nomination for governor later this month.

McMaster expected to Announce Bid for Governor

McMaster expected to Announce Bid for Governor

McMaster, in speaking with the editorial board of the Morning News on Thursday, discussed matters ranging from how he would run the governor’s office to the water controversy with North Carolina to “adult services” advertisements on Craigslist.

“It would be a great honor for me to serve as governor,” McMaster said. “The governor’s area of interest is broader than that (of the) attorney general’s, which is one of the reasons I’m so interested in it.”

McMaster said the state’s people, natural resources and heritage are second to none. He said few states have mountains at one end and the beach at the other.

“We are living in the Garden of Eden and we don’t realize it until you go somewhere else,” he said. “Nobody has got a better state than we do. I look on that as one of the assets we have that allows us to compete very favorably with the rest of the country.”

McMaster said his top priority would be economic development, if he’s elected as governor. And he said the tourism industry is another asset we need to “supercharge.”

Please read the wider article –  McMaster expected to announce gubernatorial bid | SCNow.


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