Citizen Journalist Steven Crowder Spoofs Angry Mobs at Town Halls

Citizen Journalist and Comedian Steven Crowder from PJTV attended a Town Hall Meeting to interview participants about their intense anger over the Health care debate.  Steven who lived in Canada provided insight on Canadian health care by doing a documentary earlier this year, thought the Mob action as portrayed by the Main Stream Media would be a good live media event for him to show his viewers how intense the crowds were.

Fun stuff, although I would have liked to see the reactions if he’d shown up wearing an SEIU shirt. He’s a big guy; he certainly looks the part. Besides, if you believe Rasmussen, there are an awful lot of un-Americans out there who need some union-style “convincing”: Fully 57 percent oppose single-payer health care compared to just 32 percent who support it.

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Citizen journalist stomped by mob of terroristy un-Americans.

Were is all the public outrage coming from?  President Obama repeatedly stated on the campaign trail that all health care debates would be televised on C-SPAN.  Americans are angry that they are not being allowed a voice in the process.  The Constitution does begin with, “We the People” after all.

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