Tropical Storms Ana and Bill have developed in the Atlantic

Saturday afternoon update: Tropical Depression #3 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Bill. Forecast models continue to show the storm strengthening over the next five days. One model predicts Bill could be a category four hurricane five days from now. All other models forecast a strong category two or three hurricane.

anaIt’s still too early to discuss when and where this storm will make landfall. But both Ana and Bill are following a somewhat similar path. Could we have two storms make landfall within the same general area just days apart? Or will they split and go their separate ways?

Previous discussion follows:

The National Hurricane Center upgraded tropical depression #2 to a tropical storm. Newly formed TD#3, immediately behind it, is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm later today. The two storms will be named Ana (pronounced AH-NA) and Bill.

NOAA TD2 08152009 Tropical Storm Ana is forecast to slowly gain bilstrengthen over the weekend. There is a lot of uncertainty in the intensity forecast. Some model suggest the storm will dissipate because of wind shear, others keep it a tropical storm for the next five days and at least one model forecasts the system strengthening into a hurricane.

While the center of the forecast track suggests the storm is going toward Florida, the width of the forecast cone includes a possible track into the Caribbean Sea, toward the Gulf of Mexico or much farther north into the Bahamas. Indeed some of the forecast computer guidance suggest such a track. In other words, don’t focus on the center track line!

Read the full story at our featured Blog- Houston Weather Tropical Storms Ana and Bill have developed in the Atlantic.


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