SC Gov. Mark Sanford responds to LT Gov. Bauer’s call for resignation

Gov Sanford Statement:

I have a very quick couple of press statements in light of the lieutenant governor Bauer’s press statement of earlier today. And what I actually have here is — Ben if you would hand them out which include my thoughts — I have a letter for the lieutenant governor that I will share with you all and you all can review it to your pleasure.

The long and short of my letter to him is I very much appreciate the offer. In some ways, the proposal is almost a representation of something close to heaven on Earth because with all due respect to the sea of TV cameras and the load of reporters — nothing against our time together here over the last 60 days — but in a lot of ways it would represent heaven on Earth on that offer of him taking my spot here in the last 16 months, but, you know, as much as I might like to do that, as much as I want to do that, I really believe it would be wrong for a couple of different reasons and I want to go down these different reasons. Let me back up a little before I get in the events of explaining sort of the larger context of where I am coming from.

I was unfaithful to my wife. You all know that, every South Carolinian knows that and I think the world knows that, but when confronted with it I laid all the cards on the table, I talked about it in absolutely pain-staking details and in some ways I talked about it more than South Carolinians wanted to hear about it, but I laid the cards out on the table.

Read the full article at ‘The State’ – Gov. Mark Sanford responds to Bauer’s call for resignation, full remarks

Video from WIS-TV


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