After Sanford, Some Steamy accusations in South Carolina Politics

Has the scandal surrounding Mark Sanford, South Carolina’s governor, opened a Pandora’s box in the state’s politics? New, steamy allegations involving other state leaders are emerging, and the accusations are weakening uneasy truces between political enemies.

One political observer calls it “the night of the long knives” between entrenched political dynasties.It could mean that next year’s gubernatorial election is likely to focus not on the economy, school funding, or unemployment, but on candidates’ relationships.“This really goes back to the Sanford scandal, which let loose the floodgates for this kind of stuff,” says David Woodard, a political scientist at Clemson University in South Carolina. “As a result, we’re up to our knees in this kind of mire where all the discussion is, ‘What’s his love life like?’

First, a short review. Governor Sanford disappeared in June and emerged five days later, only to admit a year-long affair with an Argentinian mistress. Weeks and weeks of talk about impeachment have followed.

Now, eyebrow-raising accusations have been leveled against two other public figures.

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