S.C. Congressman Wilson Heckles Obama at Health Care Speech, It’s a Lie

Media Credit Iron Mill Interactive Media

Media Credit Iron Mill Interactive Media

It’s a Lie! Screams Con. Joe Wilson (R-SC) to Obama at Health Care Reform Speech when he said Health Care reform will not Cover Illegals. See Video Here

South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” after Obama had talked about illegal immigrants. Wilson’s outburst caused Obama to pause briefly before he went on with his speech. Overhead in the visitors’ gallery, first Lady Michelle Obama shook her head from side to side.

via Congressman Yells ‘You Lie’ During Obama Speech – Political News – FOXNews.com.

GOP congressman yells “liar” at Obama

The culprit was South Carolina rep Joe Wilson, who felt moved to act when The One told what was, in fact, a lie. Although certainly not his biggest of the night: Where this jackass gets off lecturing Americans on civility after his cretinous cronies spent a month demagoging the hell out of every protester in sight is beyond me. You’re Mr. Clean, aren’t you, champ? And bottom-feeders like Harry Reid are your hatchet men. Nice work if you can get it.

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: GOP congressman yells “liar” at Obama.

CNN: is reporting that Congressman Wilson has Apologized to President Obama

Joe Wilson (R-SC) statement ~ “…my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President…”

Congressman Wilson Issued the Following Press Release Earlier today about Obama’s Speech – September 9, 2009

WASHINGTON – Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) issued the following statement today regarding President Obama’s address to Congress on health care reform.

“Tonight’s address to Congress will mark the 28th time President Obama has given a national speech on health care. It should be quite clear that at this point it is not the sales pitch but the product itself that many Americans find troubling.

“Republicans agree that we should pass targeted reforms to our health insurance industry. That was also the message shared by many Americans this August when they stood up at town hall meetings to have their voices heard. They want, as do we, to fix what is failing in our system; to give Americans assistance and more of their own dollars to purchase insurance; address runaway malpractice expenses that add to the cost of care; establish pooling mechanisms for individuals and businesses to secure more affordable policies. There are any number of different strategies we can pursue in a bipartisan manner to expand affordability and accessibility to health care without replacing our current health care system with a big government system.”

“The President’s speech – no matter how eloquent – will not erase the fact that the legislation being offered by his Democrat allies costs $1 trillion dollars, adds billions to our nation’s debt, and imposes taxes on individuals and small businesses which will destroy millions of jobs. That is why Americans deserve a new effort and a new bill not a new speech.”


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  1. They need to give Wilson the Congressional Medal of Honor for telling the truth!

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