Graham, DeMint differ on strategies for GOP to regain power

Live Blogging Senator Lindsey Graham & Bob Conley"s Debate from ETV in Columbia, SCSouth Carolina Senators have differing View points on how the Republican party should more forward.  Senator Graham wants to expand the party to moderates, while Senator DeMint wants to focus on the Conservative base.  A recent poll points out that seventy-three percent of conservatives think the Republican party is out of step with their values.  Additional the Gallup organization reports that those who identify themselves as conservatives have grown since the Presidential election in 2008.

Graham, a Seneca Republican elected to his second term last year, says the party must stop alienating young people and Hispanics and start promoting pragmatic, “center-right solutions” to the country’s most pressing problems.  “I’m trying to make sure that conservatism doesn’t get hijacked by political fringes,” Graham told McClatchy. “I don’t want to be in a party that’s consistently losing market share. Our problem is we’re going to have to broaden the base of our party.”

DeMint, a Greenville Republican seeking to win a second term next year, believes that young voters and ethnic Americans will flock to GOP candidates if they push plain conservative principles and offer a stark contrast to Democrats. “When someone provides a clear alternative to continued government growth and spending, people respond to that, even in different states like Pennsylvania or Florida or Ohio,” he said. “As long as the Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything, it doesn’t matter whether we have 50 or 55 or 60 votes in the Senate.”


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