Is Senator Lindsey Graham out of touch with Conservative Values?

By Albert N. Milliron, Editor 

Conservative South Carolinians have a love/hate relationship with Senator Lindsey Graham. On the one hand, he opposes Abortion rights, support gun rights, and votes ninety-two percent of the time with Senate Republicans. While he was a Congressman from the South Carolina’s third district, he had a strong conservative record in the House supporting the Republican ‘contract with America and voting for several articles of impeachment for then President Bill Clinton.

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On the other hand, the eight percent of the time he votes with Democrats is where conservatives have serious problems. A few examples: Graham recently aligned himself with Senator John Kerry (D-MA) on climate change legislation and co-authored a New York Times Op-Ed entitled, “Yes We Can (Pass climate change legislation)”. In March 2009, Graham voted with moderate Republicans for Cap and Trade that could cost South Carolinians up to two-thousand dollars a year in additional outlays. He voted with Democrats for Supreme Court Nominee Sonya Sotomayor who made statements about actively legislating from the bench and sat on a committee that pressed for state funding of abortions. He aligned with McCain/Kennedy on the Immigration Reform Bill. Graham is in talks about the possibility of nationalizing banks. Lastly, He was a member of the, “Gang of Fourteen” that intervened when Democrats tried to filibuster a vote on Supreme Court Justice Roberts.

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Is Senator Lindsey Graham out of touch with South Carolina?

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