Statement from SC Senate Majority In Reaction To Filibuster by Senate Democrats

Today the South Carolina Senate Democrats continued their filibuster of a bill strongly declaring our state’s rights and requesting the Attorney General to fight an attempt to socialize our health care system. Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler released the following statement today on behalf of the State Senate Republican Caucus:

“Our great nation was founded by men of principle who stood strong against an overreaching government. It’s unfortunate that a nation founded on such principles now intrudes on the people and their states from which its power is granted.  Washington politicians are claiming power never granted to them by the states.

They say we have a choice while giving us none. They say we must take the bailout or our tax dollars will be sent to California. They say we must accept higher energy costs with cap and trade tax hikes or risk the future of our planet. Now they say government must takeover America’s health care system or our families must accept skyrocketing medical costs.

Like our founding fathers, we too will stand strong against an overreaching government because we do have a choice and with this resolution, we ask the Attorney General of South Carolina to fight any attempt to force a socialized health care plan on our state and its taxpayers.  We will stand today, not just against the Democrats, but against a government that intrudes on our rights and our freedoms. We demand action today because by remaining silent, we signal our surrender.

The Democrats say our resolution is pointless. They say it has no effect of law. We don’t need a new law to stand up for our rights and to send a signal to Washington that we will not, under any circumstances, accept a takeover of our nation’s health care system. And we will take all legal actions necessary to ensure that our rights are protected.

Today, we ask every citizen of South Carolina to stand up against massive government growth, excessive spending, and the intrusion of the federal government on our freedoms. We ask that you call your State Senator and demand that they protect your constitutional rights.”


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