Jenny Sanford said Husband insisted word ‘faithful’ be removed from wedding vows

South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford says the final blow to her marriage came with the publication of racy emails between Gov. Mark Sanford and his mistress.

She also tells ABC’s Barbara Walters in an interview airing Friday on “20/20” that she made a “leap of faith” marrying Sanford more than 20 years ago because he insisted on removing a clause promising to be faithful from their wedding vows.

The show released excerpts of Sanford’s interview with Walters, which coincides with publication of her memoir, “Staying True.”

In the interview, Jenny Sanford says the emails where her husband talked about his lover’s body parts were not something anyone would want their children to read on the Internet. They were published last year by The State newspaper in Columbia, appearing online the same day the governor returned from a five-day absence – his staff told reporters he was hiking the Appalachian Trail – to admit an affair with an Argentine woman.

Mark Sanford revealed the affair with Maria Belen Chapur in a tearful news conference at the Statehouse.

via Jenny Sanford tells 20/20 racy emails spelled end of marriage.


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