SC LT Gov. Andre Bauer campaign adviser Larry Marchant resigns

Another ball drops in South Carolina Politics.  Gubernatorial candidate Andre Bauer Campaign Adviser has resigned over what is called, “inappropriate conduct”.  Knowing that Marchant is connected to South Carolina political consultant Rod Shealy who wouldn’t mind taking down Nikki Haley, we wonder if the Haley/Folks affair allegations are connected here.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Andre Bauer said today he has asked for and received the resignation of a political consultant for “inappropriate conduct” but would say little more.

Lt. Gov. Bauer announced that adviser Larry Marchant gave him his resignation at noon today.

Bauer said he had become aware of a situation several days ago, and reached the conclusion that decisive action was dictated.

His news release contained no specifics. “We asked for and received the resignation,” Bauer spokesman Hank Page said in an e-mail. “Beyond that, we will have no further comment.”

via The Post and Courier – Bauer campaign adviser asked to resign – Charleston SC –


More ‘Inappropriate’ Stuff in S.C. UPDATE: Larry Marchant Claimed 2008 One-Night Stand With Nikki Haley! UPDATE: Video; Bauer ‘Desperate’?


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