See Al Jazeera English Live: iPhone, Android, Online & Satellite


Egypt "Mubarak Supporters" Attack With Horses & Camels

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sourced by Albert Milliron

Egypt "Mubarak Supporters" Attack With Horses & Camels


Al Jazeera English Live

Al Jazeera English Live

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uploaded by Albert Milliron

Iron Mill News Service (Parent of  has monitored Al Jazeera for the last few years via Ku-Band satellite feed on Galaxy 19 located at 97 Degrees Latitude.  The signal is in 4.2.0 MPEG2/DVB digital format but not 4.2.2 High Definition.  It is not scrambled.  The signal appears on Transponder 26,  Frequency is 12152 Mhz Horizontal polarization.  Symbol Rate 20000 3/4. Al Jazeera and many other Arabic stations are broadcast here many in English and Aribic.  Globecast TV provides this service

Here are other ways to watch live streaming transmissions

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream – Watch Now – Al Jazeera English.

Al Jazeera English Live, Free. The official iPhone app for Al Jazeera
Al-Jazeera English (Live) for Android

How to watch  Al Jazeera English Live

While Al Jazeera English is not available on the majority of cable and satellite networks in the United States and Canada, there are several ways you can watch the channel right now.


There are several free and easy ways to begin watching Al Jazeera English right now on your computer.

Livestation: A free, unlimited and uninterrupted live stream of Al Jazeera English is available online via

YouTube: Additionally, nearly all Al Jazeera English programs and special reports are made available on YouTube, where Al Jazeera English’s branded channel has become the # 1 news channel on the site. To view the thousands of Al Jazeera English’s online videos, please visit Watch a live stream of Al Jazeera English, view daily news bulletins, and read the day’s top stories from around the world at the official site for Al Jazeera English at


Washington DC: Al Jazeera is widely available in the Washington DC metro.  You can watch AJE 24/7 on:

Comcast – Channel 275, Cox – Channel 474, Verison ViOS – Channel 457

Globecast: International satellite provider Globecast currently carries Al Jazeera English on its system in the US. For more information, please visit this site.

Al Jazeera English news reports are also regularly featured on Link TV’s Peabody Award winning program Mosaic: World News from the Middle East. For more information on Mosaic, please visit:

Source: I Want AJE – Al Jazeera English.

You can also follow Al Jazeera on Twitter.  You may also follow our tweets @politisite


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