State and Federal employees same collective bargaining rights?


Our 39th President

Our 39th President

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We think state employees should have the same collective bargaining rights as Federal employees.

They have none for Wages or Benefits.

In 1978, Democratic President Jimmy Carter, backed by a Democratic Congress, passed the Civil Service Reform Act.

Why should state employees have more rights than Federal Workers?

It is called Civil “Service” after all!

Public-Employee Unions: Facts, Figures, Some History

[W]hile less than 8 percent of private workers are covered by union contracts, union penetration in the public sector is 40 percent (and about 50 percent in Wisconsin). Government employees are now more than half of all remaining union members, and government unions increasingly dominate what is left of the organized labor movement–along with the politics of states that have granted them the widest array of rights and privileges.  – – E.J. McMahon (Underscoring or bolding within quotations throughout this post are Forum’s.)

Here are several sources for facts, figures, and historical background which we believe will be immediately useful to engage in discussions on talk shows, with elected officials, and with union voices.

Source –

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