Gas price outrage over Obama’s Energy Policies, No? Lets compare Gas Prices under Bush

Anyone remember all the outrage when gas prices increased during the Bush Presidency?  You know, George Bush the Oil man is pocketing the profits, Bush is allowing prices to increase for his big oil supporters.  The attacks went on.

Now that we have a Democratic president, those attacks are not in the mainstream news on a daily basis , why?  Today oil prices are the result of “world events”.

Once should keep in mind that under President Obama, domestic drilling is at a standstill and we have become more dependent, not less,  on foreign oil due to the rig shutdowns in the Gulf and the bureaucratic process to get contracts to begin new exploration.  The Obama Administration has even refused or renew existing production on coal and other natural resources.

The Obama Administrations strategy is to limit natural resource exploration and production thus forcing inventors and research facilities to develop new clean technology.  So far that policy has been a dismal failure.  Anyone buy a $40,000  Chevy Volt?

via Iron Mill News Service.


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