Kathy Milliron, Giulia Marie Dalbec Fabulous in Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde – The Musical opened at Workshop Theatre on Friday night, and it was a performance that Gloria Steinem, Helen Gurley Brown, and every other feminist would have proudly supported.  Even if you have not seen the movie which this musical is based on, or are not a fan, this production will have you seeing blonde on your way out the door.

The play tells the story of Elle (wonderfully portrayed by Giulia Marie Dalbec), a Malibu blonde whose obsession with pink, fashion, and everything trendy borders on the sickeningly stereotypical.  After graduating from UCLA, where she was a proud member of the Delta Nu sorority, she thinks her boyfriend, Warner (Daniel Gainey), is going to propose, sealing her fate as a rich lawyer’s wife.  However, he has different plans, and decides she’s not the right fit for his future as a prominent lawyer and senator. So, he goes off to Harvard Law, and Elle has to re-think her master plan. …

Overall, it follows the rule of the well-written plot with all the stages in place – exposition, rising action, climax, denouement, and resolution. It’s a fun ride, especially with some of the musical numbers. The most notable numbers are “What You Want,” Blood in the Water,” “Bend and Snap,” and “Gay or European.” As I implied in the title, this show is carried by the female roles. The “chorus” comprised of Elle’s friends from UCLA help keep the story moving with their unyielding energy.  Besides Giulia Marie Dalbec, who truly does a phenomenal job, other standout performances are Kathy Milliron as Paulette and Sarah Farra as Brooke.

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OMG! ‘Legally Blonde’ hits Workshop Theatre

Paulette Bonafonté, Elle’s new found friend played by Kathy Milliron, made her way on stage and her appearance was no let down. Her hair definitely wasn’t a disappointment, either, as it changed styles almost every scene she appeared in — just like the movie.

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Workshop Theatre’s “Legally Blonde – The Musical” Is Light Entertaining Fun

A shout-out really must also go to whoever worked with a retriever dog for a crucial scene, and I’m inclined to give credit to Kathy Milliron, as Elle’s hairdresser Paulette.  When Elle uses her legal smarts to help reunite dog and owner, at least a hundred audience members let out an audible “awwwww.”  This is the moment that Elle realizes that she might have a future career in helping people; if the live dog hadn’t cooperated, the scene would have fizzled and failed, but it couldn’t have worked more smoothly.

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