Is Alec Baldwin Racist


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 or did the Conservative Media just Painted him that Way

By Laura Lorenzo,  Guest Op-Ed

For the better part of today, I have seen comments about Alec Baldwin, the bane of all conservatives, or at least those who get their banes from Sean Hannity.  He, apparently, called someone a “coon”, because he’s such a horrible person. Of course, that term was passe when Archie Bunker used it, which I recall thinking at the time. I didn’t bother with the New York Post article, because it was the usual gossip, whose subject was neatly communicated in a single tweet. To read the article would be to indulge in the evident “misfortune” of Mr Baldwin, about whom few should have much care in the first place.

Read the rest at  Alec Baldwin Racist or just Painted that Way

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