Politisite interviews Janine Turner ‘Constituting America’

By Kevin Williams   Entertainment and Politics Editor

JANINE TURNER is an accomplished Actress, successful Entrepreneur, engaged Mom, hard-working Patriot and a studious Constitutionalist.  Best-known for her television roles on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and NORTHERN EXPOSURE, Janine has also been seen by millions of people on Fox News Channel’s THE O’REILLY FACTOR and AMERICA LIVE WITH MEGYN KELLY.  Her new PM Drive Time radio show launches on March 18th from Houston, TX and will be available nationally on Sirius-XM Ch. 166 and “I Heart Radio.”  Janine recently took some time out to speak with Politisite about her launching “Constituting America,” the Founding Fathers, Acting in Hollywood and… Executive Orders.

KW:  Many of us have never read or think twice about the U.S. Constitution after our school days.  Why do you think this has occurred over time?

JT:   It’s just not in the cultural forefront anymore. It’s not taught.  Families don’t speak about it.  In the early Revolutionary Days through the early 19th Century, everyone was so thrilled with these new-found liberties and they knew that their children were going to be the future of the Country.  They were so proud and knew of [the Constitution’s] importance.  They weren’t that so distant and far away from tyranny.  I think that the further away we get from tyranny, the more comfortable we get.  And politics seems unapproachable to some people.  And then when they get involved and it doesn’t go their way, they get disappointed and feel powerless.  I think a lot of that is the enormity of our Bills.  In Federalist Paper 62, James Madison says “if the Laws are so voluminous that they cannot be read or so incoherent that they cannot be understood…” He goes on to ask… what’s the point? What is the point in having a legislative branch?  What’s the point in electing our own officials, if we don’t understand anything that is going on.  And I just think that Politics has just gotten enormous and people are frustrated.

KW:  How has a lack of knowledge about our Constitution played into the America we have today, Politically and Culturally?  If you say the word “Constitution,” many folks’ eyes glaze over.  American pop culture is more interested in what Honey-Boo-Boo, One Direction or Beyonce are doing than the Constitution.

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