Trending Stories on – 9/12/2013


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Putin Slams American Exceptionalism in the New York Times

Americans will wake up this morning to an OpEd in the New York Times by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in which addresses the American…

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Why Syria is similar to Libya – Where is the exit strategy?

There are several distinct similarities between the NATO action in Libya and the Obama’s plan to conduct a limited military strike in Syria….

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The Irony of a Deadly 9-11 Anniversary Part I

  The 9-11 tragedy has been covered thoroughly with patriotic music, historic news coverage, and moving film footage that captures the heart rending…

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Million Muslim March falls 999,900 Short

The “Million Muslim March” name was changed to the “Million Americans Against Fear,” but probably should have considered changing the name to reflect…

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Respect or Respite?

One quality, or if you will, ‘condition’ of human life and conduct is “respect.” We as people hold many things up for…

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